Develop the behavioral attributes that matter most for your students’ futures.

Prepare your students for the next steps in life.


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"99% of teachers believe developing behavioral attributes increases student achievement, improves the school climate, and reduces school discipline problems." - Education Week 2015

Improve student performance today.

Pairin facilitates and tracks the development of social emotional skills every student needs for college and career readiness.

Here's our process.

The Pairin Readiness Management System gives you the tools to accelerate your student’s college and career readiness.


We love these passionate educators (and they seem quite fond of us).

Stanford Graduate School of Business - Latino Entrepreneurial CenterNew York City Department of EducationNew America Charter School NetworkBattelle for KidsGeneration SchoolsG.O.A.L. AcademyJefferson County Public SchoolsTuring School of Software & DesignZero DropoutsCO AHECLaunch High School