Career Readiness for Today’s Students

PAIRIN provides tools for education planning for colleges and universities to measure and develop the essential skills (also known as soft skills) that are 75% of the reason people succeed in college, careers and life. Our tools help college students understand their strengths, map their interests to potential career pathways, identify skill gaps and access on-demand curriculum to bridge those gaps.

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Prepare Your Students for the Future of Work

When only 11% of employers think new graduates are well prepared for work, and with the average college graduation rates falling to nearly 50%, colleges and universities are facing two of the biggest challenges of our time – student retention and career readiness. Without the right tools to measure the skills that make students successful in college and in life, our students and our future workforce are at risk. That’s why PAIRIN has created tools and resources to help students better understand their strengths, map them to careers and develop the skills they need to be successful.

Rooted in research, PAIRIN’s curriculum was developed by Dr. Tara Laughlin based on years of research and over a decade as an educator.

Connect Your Students to Personalized Skills Curriculum

Using PAIRIN’s 10-15 minute online survey, each student’s strengths and areas for development are immediately available, allowing them to better understand themselves and how they can reach their career goals. PAIRIN’s curriculum includes a total of 54 classroom lessons and 300 online micro-lessons, and can be delivered fully online or in a classroom setting based on your school’s preference. Online lessons are engaging and can be accessed via phone, tablet or desktop.

Research-based Job Targets for Focused Career Exploration

PAIRIN’s job “Targets” help students evaluate their skills and develop toward their career goals. PAIRIN’s built-in targets include:

PAIRIN Library Targets

These include our well-researched Career Launch Target as well as 10 other subsets such as customer service, accountability, collaboration and leadership.

National Sources Targets

These are based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s jobs database and include 1,000+ common job roles.

Job Description-based Targets

These allow students to copy in an exact role description for a job they are interested in to identify the key attributes for that job.

“After digging deeper and creating value for soft skills development, the students began to invest time and effort into the online curriculum. It wasn’t long before the students were able to really see the benefit!”

– Cristal McGill, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

Develop the skills in your students that employers are looking for in today’s workforce.


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