Career Exploration, Academic Planning and Skill Development for Your Students

PAIRIN provides high schools with the tools they need to support students in career and academic planning, and measuring and developing social and emotional skills, all while providing teachers, counselors and administration with the data they need to inform program decisions and identify gaps in student skills.

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A path toward success

Personalized Career and Education Journeys for Every Student

My Journey is a customizable platform that helps students make informed decisions about their future. The platform helps students explore their options after college by assessing their skills, interests and desires. Based on each student’s grade and goals, the platform then maps out actionable steps they can take in their career and academic journeys to help them achieve success. The platform’s advanced reporting and dashboards simplify and reduce the workload of counselors and teachers while providing district leaders with aggregate data on student interests to inform programs and course decisions.

“We searched for years for a solution to manage individual learning plans that was flexible, customizable on the fly, and made conversations with counselors efficient and meaningful. My Journey helps our students navigate their career paths with personalized content so they can prepare for any possible path after high school, not just college.”

– Mavis Jackson, Director of College and Career Readiness, Baltimore City Public Schools

Focus on the social and emotional skills that are more than 75% of the reason people succeed in life, school and work.

Tools, Tips and Targets

The PAIRIN system includes an array of built-in tools for education planning that are personalized to the needs and skills of each student. You can also access a variety of research-based “Targets” that provide insights into a student’s current strengths and gaps to critical skill sets. These include:

Insights and Tips

Resources for teachers and counselors to better understand a student’s strengths and gaps on a specific skill.

Career Launch Target

Measures individuals on the common skills needed to take the first step in a career or job. This target measures the specific behaviors (soft skills) and mindsets that are important for 82% of all jobs in the U.S. workforce.

Imperatives Target

Provides insights into the foundational soft skills that are the most common inhibitors to developing higher order skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Developing these skills first reduces behavioral issues and allows students to take rapid strides forward in both academic and social-emotional development.

Preparing Students for the future of work by developing the skills that matter.

SEL Skills Curriculum Developed for Teachers by Teachers

PAIRIN’s curriculum was developed by Dr. Tara Laughlin and built upon her dissertation research for integrating SEL into academic curriculum, 10+ years of teaching, and in partnership with PAIRIN’s coaches and psychologists. PAIRIN’s teacher, counselor and support staff professional development courses prepare staff to successfully integrate SEL into any class and to facilitate 1:1 coaching conversations. By helping students understand their strengths, identifying skill gaps that might hinder their success and providing personalized curriculum to bridge those gaps, high schools are equipped with everything needed to develop these essential skills. With a total of 54 classroom lessons, 300 online micro-lessons and more than 400 combined exercises, handouts and rubrics, PAIRIN provides educators with the tools and teaching strategies to get started immediately implementing SEL with their students. 


SEL Overview
Learn more about how to manage student achievement.
Attributes Measured
Learn about the 100+ attributes that PAIRIN measures.
Curriculum Training
Gain a general understanding of PAIRIN Curriculum.
Curriculum Methodology
Understand Curriculum Methodology.
Teacher’s Guide: Decision Making
Learn About The PAIRIN Survey and Essential Skill Development.
Case Study: GPS Education
Proving Apprenticeship Program Impact: A Case Study.
Case Study: Assessing and Analyzing Essential Skills
SEL in a Blended Learning High School: A Case Study.
Case study: School Comparative Analysis
Charter vs. Public School Analysis: A Case Study.

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