How are Skillful and PAIRIN partnering to help businesses with competency-based hiring?

Skillful and PAIRIN have partnered to make assessing skills and matching individuals to the right jobs easier and more predictable. Companies that work with Skillful can make their competency-based hiring more predictable by purchasing PAIRIN’s applicant selection and employee development tool for a discount through the Skillful Employer Toolkit.

What is the Skillful Employer Toolkit?

Skillful’s Employer Toolkit is a collection of tools designed to support businesses as they transition to skills-based practices. The Toolkit includes guides and templates for skills-based job descriptions, interviews, employee development, and more.

What is competency-based hiring?

Traditional hiring relies on degrees and years of experience. When using this approach, companies can miss out on the top talent they need to succeed.

Competency-based hiring brings in the best candidates for a position by focusing on hiring based on the skill sets needed for a particular job role. Competency-based hiring helps businesses improve retention and diversity, broaden their talent pool, and reduce unconscious bias, opening up opportunities for talented people, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds.

How does this partnership benefit businesses affiliated with Skillful?

Businesses who work with Skillful will enjoy a discount on PAIRIN Hiring, an applicant selection tool that helps employers quickly, easily, and confidently identify applicants that have skills that match to a company’s current top performers.

How can businesses affiliated with Skillful sign up to take advantage of this offer?

By clicking on the link in the Skillful Employer Toolkit, businesses that work with Skillful will be directed to a sign-up form that reflects the discount on PAIRIN Hiring. Simply fill out the form to take advantage of a free 14-day trial. After the trial, businesses will automatically be eligible for the discounted rate with a minimum 12-month commitment.