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Starts with a Survey.

The Pairin survey is based on over 60 years of scientific research, and is the only cloud-based, longitudinal, measurement for every essential non-academic skill available. Our unique targets make it possible to use one survey for every position.


Pairin’s Behavioral Testing is based on the research of Dr. Harrison Gough with UC Berkeley. We’ve combined much of the research of the 100’s of academic studies since 1949 to make virtually every behavioral survey or assessment redundant. We’ve replicated the measurement output for the grit, emotional intelligence, character strengths and virtues, and many personal and professional assessments and surveys. Now, all you need is one to get over 100 behavioral attribute and mindset measurements. eliciting a self-evaluation from an individual.

Survey Structure

The survey is a norm-referenced standardized test consisting of 300 adjectives and adjectival phrases commonly used to describe a person’s behavioral attributes. It may be administered for a multiplicity of purposes including, but not limited to, eliciting a self-evaluation from an individual.In addition to including a plethora of demographics, the test must be able to account for a wide range of personality types. To this end the test includes 300 adjectives that can be selected in a binary fashion to represent a vast array of personalities.



Build targets.

Custom targets can be as specific as individual teams, positions, locations, or regions allowing you to match existing employees to the best-fit positions and know exactly where each person needs development.

Matching Individuals to Employment

You work hard at your company’s culture to make it unique, right? So, why settle for an off-the-shelf hiring profile that all of your competitors are using? Let Pairin help you quickly build a custom target for each job, so you can automatically prioritize your applicants and cut your applicant selection time by up to 80%. Understanding an applicant's behavioral tendencies and mindsets enables you to determine the fit between the individual and the position quickly and accurately.

Comparing the behavioral tendencies and attributes of an applicant or employee to the behavioral patterns of employees currently succeeding in a similar job provides many advantages. First, you get the right people in the right position, whether you hire them from outside or laterally from within. Then you can laser-focus individual coaching for moving your B-players to A-players as efficiently as possible.



Track progress.

Decide what skills you want to develop over time and incorporate our tips and insights to laser-focus individual coaching. Measure growth over time and make logical adjustments based on your results.

Behavioral Measurement Over Time

"Evidence suggests that while 89% of chief academic officers believe most students are adequately prepared for postsecondary education or the workforce, 40% of students and over 80% of employers do not agree that graduates have sufficient skills." (Gallup 2015). This large discrepancy demonstrates the need for a new way to evaluate student preparedness, and why many leaders in both industry and education encouraged Pairin to address this great need.

While other measurements with similar goals exist, Pairin’s is unique in its quantitative and accurate approach to measuring virtually every non-cognitive skill necessary for life and work preparedness. We can measure these behavioral attributes and mindsets over time to help educational programs prove their impact, and employers know where to focus their training and coaching for employees.