PAIRIN Pro FAQ – Business

What is PAIRIN Pro?

PAIRIN is an all-inclusive tool to assess, develop and effectively coach your current employees to be top performers. Just survey your employees that you are looking to develop, identify areas for development and track growth over time all within PAIRIN Pro.

What does PAIRIN Pro do?

PAIRIN Pro will aid in both your hiring and employee development operations. For hiring, you can invite new applicants to take the survey and compare their scores to your current top-performing employees. For employee development, you can measure and track the skills change of your employees and managers, as well as an entire program’s progress. PAIRIN Pro gives you the data you need about your employee’s soft skills development and to create meaningful development for them to be better prepared in their current role and any future roles within your business.

What do my employees see?

The administrator of the account selects what employees see. There are three options: Strengths Report, PAIRIN Personal, PAIRIN Personal 2.

Strengths Report: This is a downloadable report for individuals to see explanations about where their skills lie within professional, personal, civic, and entrepreneurial categories. Individuals get explanations about how they relate to each skill within each category and definitions for each of the skills. This is a great option if you want your employees to have a printable report about their strengths.

PAIRIN Personal: This is a dashboard for your employers to explore their strongest qualities. The dashboard shows them their top 4 qualities and then how their skills relate to targets within our system. The major difference with PAIRIN Personal is that your employees can see what skills they match, skills they might need to develop, and skills they might want to check out. In this dashboard, they get an interactive way to explore each skill’s definitions and insights.

PAIRIN Personal 2: This is also a dashboard and also shows an employee’s strongest qualities, however, it has a career picker tool and online curriculum lessons for students to go through about each of their skills. The career picker tool allows students to explore different careers within your organization they might be interested in and see which skills they need to develop with our online curriculum. The major difference with PAIRIN Personal 2, from PAIRIN Personal, is that only positive information is given; students are not shown gaps or match scores to different skills.

What additional features do I get with PAIRIN Pro?

PAIRIN Pro is the ultimate coaching and development tool. Not only can you see all your members in one place, but you can also get personalized insights, tips and coaching questions for each member. Furthermore, you get access to custom reports, which can be customized to include information and skills most relevant to your organization. You also get access to 11 different behavioral charts, which plots on a four quadrant grid, each member in relation to different axes. Some of these charts include view of people (how individuals perceive the abilities and behaviors of most others), work approach (how individuals aspire and endeavor), mentoring style (how individuals guide and encourage others), response to coaching (how people perceive and make use of coaching), among others.

As a PAIRIN Pro customer, what support do I receive?

You receive as needed phone calls and unlimited email support, plus a two-hour onboarding training.

How do I get started on PAIRIN Pro?

All PAIRIN Pro clients start with a PAIRIN Onboarding Specialist who provides each client with a training and sets up their account. When your account is first created, you start on the Dashboard. The Dashboard gives you quick access to recent selections, surveys and reports in the account. From the Dashboard, you’ll be able to navigate to any data points you want to view, manage members’ data, and print reports about your members. Your employees and applicants will be separated in the system. The way to toggle between employee data and applicant data is to click on the “Show Employees instead” or “Show Applicants instead”, located under your business’s name in the upper right corner of the header. Depending on your view, you can add employees, applicants and create groups on the Dashboard.

How do I send a survey invite?

There are three separate ways to send surveys, depending on if you are inviting students, employees or applicants.

Link/ Unique URL: If you have not added individuals into your system, you can provide a direct link for individuals to be able to survey and be added to your account. The survey links for individual groups are provided in the Manage Tab under the People Tab. Select which group you would like someone to be added to and there will be a link provided.

Survey Invite: A survey invite can be emailed directly to an individual. You have two options for how to do this:

  • Option one: For Groups
    • Step 1: Once all your individuals have been added to the system under Manage -> People, click over to Survey.
    • Step 2: Click on “Surveys”, which is located on the right upper side on the screen, below the blue header. If you need to create a new survey, click on “+ new survey”. You must select the group you want to survey in order for this to work.
    • Step 3: Select “Send email to each survey taker”.

  • Option two: For a one or a few individuals
    • Step 1: Click on the “Manage” tab on the top header.
    • Step 2: Click on “Surveys”, which is located on the right upper side on the screen, below the blue header.
    • Step 3: Check the check box next to the individuals you want to surveys names. An envelope will appear at the top of the table where “Name” used to be. Click the envelope and follow the steps to send the email invite.

Token: If individuals have been added to your “People” tab, but you don’t want to send direct survey invite via email, you can generate a survey token. This is often the best method for proctored survey taking. The individual will go to, enter their last name and token to survey.

  • Step 1: Click on the “Manage” tab on the top header.
  • Step 2: Click on “Surveys”, which is located on the right upper side on the screen, below the blue header.
  • Step 3: If you need to create a new survey, click on “+ new survey”. You must select the group you want to survey in order for this to work. Select “Create a PDF of invite tokens”. If you have not added individuals to your system, you can provide a direct link to the survey.

Can I see all 102 soft skills, that are measured, in PAIRIN Pro?

Yes! In the Measure tool, you can select “All Scores” under the view.

How often should people survey if we are interested in showing growth over time?

The frequency of surveying is dependent on the intensity of coaching. Very intensive coaching programs survey as often as every 6 weeks, but most survey every 6 months.

Can I show growth of a group over time?

The best way to show growth of groups is through a data export. Contact PAIRIN staff and we will assist you with it.

What are the different tabs within PAIRIN Pro?

There’s the Dashboard, which gives you an overview of recent selections and quick buttons to functions like adding new people and sending new surveys.

There’s the Data tab, where all the data exists and allows you to compare groups, individuals, or a single person to their other surveys. Here’s where all the power of PAIRIN lies.

And there’s the Manage tab, where you can add new members, organize members into groups, send new surveys, create targets, and download reports.

Where do I see the data?

First, make sure you click on the Data tab in the top bar of your screen. Make the selection of the people or groups whose data you want to see, and then click save selections. You can select more than one individual or group by clicking the plus sign.

The Overview shows a breakdown of all the targets, scores, charts, and reports that are relevant to your selection. This is meant to give you quick access to all the ways you can view the data and give you a quick breakdown about the aggregate data for your selection. Please note that if you have two people or groups selected, the Overview will not show data on targets and reports related to your first selection, which is the one on the left.

The Target tool lets you see a quick list of everyone in your selection on the left. You can toggle between targets to view different score ranges in the Target drop-down menu located right above the Target tool header.

The Measure tool provides the bulk of your ability to view the scores, Toggle between different View selections, which are in the View drop-down menu, and different sorting selections. If you selected to view scores from a group, the aggregate will be shown by the blue circles. Click the blue circles to toggle between seeing individual scores for each of the group members and the aggregate.

Clicking on a skill will give you the full detail about that skill, including the Definition, Insights, Coach Tips, Tips for Coachees, and questions to ask focused on that skill.

The Chart tool allows you to view the entire group selected as individual dots plotted on a grid on various different axes. Click on a dot to read a larger description about that specific point on the grid, and view how your members group together or separate depending on your chart selection.

What are the different views within the Data tab?

Highlighted here is the list of potential views for seeing the data. Each view will show you specific attributes related to that topic. For instance, if you choose to the Imperatives view, you will see the scores Emotional Self-Awareness, Resiliency, Self-Assessment, Self-Blame, Self-Alignment, Self-Confidence, Self-Restraint, and Stress Tolerance. Note all of these groupings/views have a target associated with them.

Each view has a unique purpose and will give insight into various topics like what drives a person (Drivers), how they relate to others (Relating Styles), the way they think (thinking styles), etc.

How many people can I survey with PAIRIN Pro?

You can survey as many of you want and as often as you’d like. Just be careful to not survey your members too often, as you won’t see much change in shorter time periods unless you are providing intense coaching.

How do I check if a survey is valid?

We automatically do that for you! When a survey is invalid, there will be a warning sign next to the name of the individual with the invalid survey – and a percentage of how valid the survey is. We have eight validity checks automatically built in, including potential random answering, potentially too negative, and too few adjectives checked.

How do I generate a report?

There are two ways to generate new reports: on the Dashboard and within the Manage tab. However, The process for creating a report is the same for both options from the Dashboard and Manage tab.

  • Step 1: On the Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom, where you can either click on a recent report or the “+ new report” button to generate a new one. On the Manage tab, click on the “Report” tab and either click an existing report or the link “click here to create a new report”.

From the Dashboard:

From the Manage Tab:

  • Step 2: In either option, if you want to print a previous report, click the  button to download the report.

When creating a new report, you have a lot of options, so to view samples of the reports, click on the “Sample ______ Report” on the right-hand side of each of the drop-downs. This way, you can see what you are getting when you generate that report.

You can generate reports for groups by clicking “Select All” or for just individuals by clicking the box next to their names.

Once you create the report, simply click the  button to download it and print.

How do I access a report?

There are three ways to access reports that you have already generated: on the Dashboard, the bottom of the Overview page with the Data tab and within the Manage tab. If you want to create a new report, you must generate it either on the Dashboard or within the Manage tab.

What type of reports are available?

Strength Reports: Gives individuals their strongest essential skill category of either Civic, Entrepreneurial, Personal, or Professional. Each category is made up of five Essential Attributes.

Target Reports: Shows how an individual scores in relation to the attributes within a particular target. These reports should be used to help inform and guide the development of the skills that pertain to the particular target.

Insight Reports: Provide information and can be used to affirm individuals. They are less often used for development of skills due to the fact that a target/context is not in mind. Instead, Insights reports are used to understand the intensity levels of different thinking style. They also help affirm or develop your coachee in their thinking using the definitions, insights and suggested action tips.

How do I add users to the system?

You can add new users by going to the Manage tab, under “People” and click the “+People” button.

Once you have added the individual’s first name, last name, email address and gender, you will have the opportunity to select which groups you want them to be in. Note, they will be added to every group that you click the check mark in.

Once a person has been added to your system, you can edit their information by clicking their name, on the right-hand side their name, email address, survey token and what groups they are apart of will be listed. You can select the pencil in the right-hand corner to edit any of this information.

How do I manage members?

All the members of the account exist within the Manage Tab, under “People”. All members will be listed in the center section of the screen, and managers, who can view the members’ data, are listed on the right side of the screen under “Managers”.

Add managers by clicking the plus side next to the word Managers, or delete a manage by clicking the X next to their name. You can manage members within groups by using the buttons that are listed next to the group name.

How do I create groups?

You can create a group by clicking on the Manage tab and under People. Groups allow you to organize the individuals in your account. Individuals can be associated with more than one group. To add a group under your company, click the name of your organization on the left-hand side under where it says “ Organization Name Groups”.

Notice how it is now highlighted in yellow. Underneath there will be an “Add group” option.

If you want to create groups under groups, just click whichever group you would like to add a group under.

Notice how when you click on the group name, it is now highlighted in yellow and the “+ Add Group” option moved to be under the group you selected. Once you have titled the group name, you will have the opportunity to select people to put into the group.

To create a group only you can see, go to the left-hand side of the screen, and under “My Groups”, there is a button “+ new custom group”.

To create a group that exists for all managers of the account, click the “+ Add Group” button below the name of your organization, just below the “My Groups” section. From there, name the group, select the people, and click save to save the group.

If you create a group in “My Groups” that is personal to your manager account but you want it to exist for all managers, simply click the “+ Add Group” button, name the group with the same name, and select all the members within that group you created to previously to add them to your new group that all managers can see. Below are screenshots of the steps.

Step 1: Create the group under “My Groups.”

Step 2: Click “+ Add Group” under the organization’s name.

Step 3: Select all from the group you created under “My Groups.”