What is PAIRIN Lite?

PAIRIN’s hiring tool designed to help you hire smarter and faster.

What Does PAIRIN Lite Do?

• Measures applicants for culture and position fit to identify the applicants that are most like your top performers.
• Allows you to organize job openings for positions in your organization, and either select a generated target from PAIRIN or create your own custom targets based on your top performers.
• In just one click, you can invite applicants and post the job opening link.
• Prioritizes your hiring with automatic ranking to the targets you identified.
• Generates custom interview questions based on individual applicants’ profiles.
• Identifies skill gaps to assist in goal setting for development.

How do I Get Started on PAIRIN Lite?

Sign up for your free trial – There is absolutely no credit card necessary to get started. Once you sign up, you can either take the PAIRIN survey right away, or go straight to your dashboard. If you go directly to your dashboard, you will see a framework, but no data until you take the survey or send out survey invites to your team or applicants. Your free trial allows you to have one manager attached to the account and one opening at a time.

How do I Manage Access Control?

Click on the top right dropdown for options, then click account. Scroll to “Account Users” and click on the “+ add user” button on the right side of the screen. You will have to enter their name, email, and select the openings that they can view. You can add or delete account managers from here.

How do I Create an Opening?

On your dashboard, scroll down to the “Your Openings” header. On the right side of your screen, click the “+ opening” button. Name the opening, and then select the targets that you want to rank the applicants for that position against.
You can either choose targets based on PAIRIN science or create your own custom targets based on specific skills you want included or specific employees. You can also set access control for account users directly when you create a new target.

How do I Associate an Opening with Specific Targets?

Under the “Your Openings” section, click the pencil icon within the opening you want to edit. When you click to edit an opening, it takes you through the same steps you experienced when you initially created the opening. The first step is to select or deselect which targets you want to be included. To deselect a target, simply click it. Any targets you have selected with be highlighted in blue. Then, click update at the bottom of the page and the opening will be updated with your changes.

What are the Different Types of Targets?

Default targets are the “PAIRIN Targets” which were created based on science and research into the skills that make up each of these. These targets are based on the years of data we’ve gathered on each of these roles–whether that is what makes up leadership, work-life balance, or even customer service.
Custom targets are ones that you create. They can be based on your top performing employees, a division or department, or specific skills you know are necessary for your culture. Choose any number of employees and up to 20 skills to include.

How do I Create Custom Targets?

Choose the opening you want to associate with the target. This can be either a current opening by clicking on the pencil icon in the corner of the opening or you can click on the “+ new opening” button.
Create your target on the spot by selecting the employees you want similar skills of, then select the attributes that are important to you by clicking on skills you want to include. Or, you can let PAIRIN decide by clicking on the employees you want to hire against, and PAIRIN will tell you how those people are similar and produce a target for you to use.

How do I Invite Users/Applicants?

Once you have created an opening and added targets, you can invite individuals to take the survey to be compared to your targets. From the home page, find the opening you want to invite either applicants or employees to and click on the “+ invite”. You will have the option to either invite employees or applicants. Either share the link or add emails to send the survey to. If you decide to send an email, you can edit the text of the email on the next screen.

How do I Update an Applicant?

Applicants are listed on the dashboard under “Your Applicants.” To easily find the applicant you want to update, you can click on the titles of each column to sort by application date, name, or opening. Click on the pencil icon for the applicant you need to edit and you will be able to edit their name, email, gender, and opening they applied to. Click update to save the changes.

How do I Update an Employee?

Your employees are on the dashboard under “Your Employees.” To find the employee you want to update, you can click on the titles of each column to sort by name or email. Click on the pencil icon for the employee you need to edit. From there, you can change their name, email, gender, and openings where they are compared against the pool of applicants. Click update to save the changes.