High School Pricing

Base Product...

Skill Tracking and Development Tool



  • Unlimited student surveys
  • Instant access to individual student strengths and insights
  • Coaching tips and insights for each student
  • Recognize group and classroom patterns
  • Ability to create and download custom reports
  • Measure individual student growth over time
  • Perform deep analysis of skill and growth data
  • Identifies desire to develop in over 100 characteristics
  • Dynamically matches students to optimal job profiles and training programs
  • At-Risk profiles immediately flag students for social workers and counselors

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Teaching SEL Skills

Teacher Training with In-Person Curriculum


per training
  • 54 soft skills classroom modules
  • Each module includes exercises, handouts and rubrics
  • PAIRIN provides training directly to teachers at your school
  • Interactive development includes demos, activities and discussion
  • Option to learn to teach as integrated or standalone lessons