Travis Desmond

Sales Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in sales, new business development, and account management, Travis has helped drive sales and client engagement across a wide range of growing industries. He has worked in small startup environments as well as with large enterprise-level organizations. His genuine goal is to always be the perfect example of what defines great customer service, new business development acumen, and always doing what's best for his clients and his team members.

Why PAIRIN? I joined PAIRIN for the opportunity to work alongside a great group of people who share the same passion as I have for helping others, and to provide a solution that can help positively impact people's lives from all different walks of life. Working with PAIRIN provides the unique opportunity to not only help others but also to leverage our own products and resources to identify the areas I can improve in to help with my growth as an individual.

Who/what has been your greatest teacher? Adversity. It's the toughest times I've experienced and I've been able to overcome that have always been my greatest teacher. Anytime I've ever felt like I couldn't do something or questioned myself I've always drawn perspective from my past experiences. I remind myself that with the right attitude, and the support of my family and friends, that I have the ability to take on any challenge and can overcome any new obstacle that comes my way.

Things Travis loves: My family, my baby daughter, making people laugh, sitting around a campfire, playing music, a good patio, all things sports, and all of the people who have ever supported me throughout my life.