Susan Simpson

Director of Coach Training

Susan Simpson spent the early part of her career as an industrial engineer, designing effective ways to integrate processes. After working in large corporate and start-up contexts, she refined her focus from processes to people. At the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Education and a global non-profit, she left to teach in the former Soviet Union. The initial one-year project extended for 13 years and into other fascinating roles. Susan apprenticed and collaborated with a professor of psychology from St. Petersburg State University. Together, they specialized in the interpersonal development of future psychologists, counselors and similar professionals. In 2009, she returned to the U.S. and began working as an executive coach for Trove, Inc.

Why PAIRIN? PAIRIN offers people a "kind mirror” and practical help with which to move toward wholeness and desired vocation. (Also, i’m crazy about our team!)

Who/what has been your greatest teacher? Life: It's Author, it’s people, and it's bittersweet events

Things you love: Conversations that matter with people who care; big chocolate-colored dogs & horses, beautiful writing, Russian language, guitar music, cycling and yoga. Most of all—living “loved”… to love.