Maddie McHugh

Product Manager

Maddie has experience building products and developing the teams building them along the way. She began her product career at a small ad serving platform team at a digital marketing company in Charlotte, NC, where she worked primarily in the financial services industry. From there, she made a mid-pandemic move to Denver and to the ski industry, focusing on building products to improve the digital experience for guests.

Why PAIRIN? I was immediately captivated by the passion and energy of every PAIRIN team member that I spoke to. The more I learned about the company’s mission and desire to build as a team, the more I wanted to contribute to that mission.

Who/what has been your greatest teacher? My high school soccer and basketball coaches. They taught me how to love my team and discover how much I’m capable of when I push beyond what I believe to be my limits.

Things you love: College football, powder days, 80s saxophone solos, and playing my guitar and keyboard.