Jake Shanesy

Director of Product

Originally from Minnesota, Jake moved to Colorado to pursue his interests in technology and the outdoors. He's just as passionate about building software as he is finding solitude for a weekend in the woods.

Why PAIRIN? PAIRIN has so many good things going for it - the culture, the mission, the people. Even in my initial interview, I knew something was different about the way this company is run - it just makes sense. Combine this with a compelling vision for making hiring more equitable and education more relevant, now you’ve got a recipe for success. Being a Product Manager allows me to work with all aspects of an organization, internally and externally, to align vision with day-to-day execution.

Who/What has been your greatest teacher? Listening. I’m a strong believer that you can learn something from absolutely anyone in the world. We’ve been given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Things you love: Spending time with friends and family, doing pretty much anything outside, exploring new parts of the world, and experiencing frisson through live or recorded music.