Irina Nicolaev

Quality Assurance Specialist

Originally from the small, green, beautiful country of Moldova, Irina has always had a passion for new technology. She moved to Colorado in 2016 to pursue her interest in IT where she worked for two different school districts in this capacity. She then completed courses in QA Software Engineering and Jr. Java Development, and this led her to her first role as a QA lead at PAIRIN.

From my first interaction with PAIRIN, I had the feeling this is a place where you can create, and a place where you are valued as a whole person. I’m really happy and proud to be part of a team that transforms the parts, ideas and components into the final product our customers use to develop their future.

Who/what has been your greatest teacher?
Life is the greatest teacher. I always try to take something useful from each person I meet in my life.

Things you love: Creating something new! It can be a candy/chocolate flower, a new dress, a snow castle, or even a test case, which always imply hard work, passion and love.