Erin Leverence

Product Manager

Erin comes from a background in marketing and branding, creating consumer brands from the ground up and the digital and retail experiences that support them. This broad experience has given her an integrated approach to her focus in UI/UX, where she is able to most effectively exercise her passion for problem-solving.

Why PAIRIN? Before getting hired at PAIRIN, I had the opportunity to get to know several members of the team over an extended time period. I was immediately struck by the fact that there is something different about this team. They deeply care about making a difference with their work, they’re passionate about their craft, they care about each other as humans, and they have tons of fun. I’m thrilled to be on a team like that!

Who/What has been your greatest teacher? My high school art teacher taught me how to unleash my creativity, tackle problem-solving, and lead me to realize for the first time I could do anything I wanted with my life. She was instrumental in defining my career path and lifelong interest in creative pursuits.

Things you love: Eating homegrown vegetables, swimming in Wisconsin lakes, petting dogs, climbing rocks, long slow runs, making things.