Cheryl Meredith, Ph.D.

The Coaching Pathway Instructor

Cheryl completed her Ph.D. in Business Organization and Management with a focus on Emotional Intelligence in Executive Leaders and also earned her Masters in Counseling. She has extensive Executive Human Resource Leadership experience with more than 21 years of leading nationally and internationally in the nonprofit sector. Cheryl completed certifications as both a Global and Senior HR Professional. She has worked as a Senior Human Resources Executive, responsible for more than $80 million, overseeing 2700 employees in 56 countries, as well as legal and ethical compliance. She promoted a coach approach to leadership, team building, conflict resolution, superior job fit processes, major realignment and cultural change processes.

As a coaching professional for more than 25 years, Cheryl has worked to build the coaching skills in leaders for international assignments and trained coaches around the world. She is passionate about seeing people understand and optimize their abilities, talents and capacity to make the greatest contribution possible in their spheres of influence and be their very best.

Why PAIRIN? There is no tool out there like it… and I am certified in a bunch of them. In just a few minutes, it gives some of the deepest insights into a person possible. For anyone committed to growing and becoming the person they always hoped they could be, the PAIRIN, with some great coaching, will get you there.

Greatest Teachers: Jesus, tops my list, Miss Marilyn, mentor and friend, More TED speakers than I can list, Life’s white knuckle lessons, travels to far off lands, with local folks willing to invite me into their world, and many books or films that open life stories before me.

Things I love: Uninhibited joy on a child’s face, “Aha’s” brightening a person's eyes, scuba diving with sea turtles, skiing fresh tracks, creating delicious meals with friends, my family and especially my two great-nephews, sunsets over the ocean, living life to the full will the amazing people in my life.