Charissa Murphy

Senior Customer Success Manager

With a passion for intentionally connecting people, Charissa is experienced in organizing complexity and bringing diverse stakeholders and interests together to progress towards common goals. She has worked in public, private, and nonprofit sectors across a range of projects and industries and brings with her a robust background in project management, partnership development and stakeholder coordination, organizational and strategic consulting, and finance and business operations.

Why PAIRIN? I am energized to encourage people to feel great about who they are and supporting them in pursuing their potential. As the first person in my family to finish college, I didn't really understand at the time how to effectively pursue passion and education towards a career path. Instead of pursuing my ambitions, I took a "safe" path. While it was a strong, foundational path, I've spent years post-college navigating to better align my interests and passions with my career. By helping others have access to resources like those that PAIRIN offers earlier in their education or career paths, I can only hope that we're supporting them in truly pursuing their interests and activating or nurturing their potential.

Who/what has been your greatest teacher? I learn best by doing, and somewhere along the way I acquired a never settle mentality. Putting myself out there and trying along with the optimism for improvement have taught me far more than when I hold back.

Things you love: My family and their unconditional belief in me. Mountain scrambles. Hiking/being active. Warm weather and sunshine. Sweets (especially buttercream frosting and homemade oatmeal cream pies). Vegetables/nourishing foods (balances the love for sweets!). A clean house. Trying new things. Exploring places. Learning (more deeply) about and connecting with others. Listening to live music, spoken word, and storytelling shows. Honesty. Genuineness. Good senses of humor.