Carli Tegtmeier

VP of Sales

Carli is an established sales leader in the field of education technology and brings a wealth of expertise to the expanding PAIRIN team having sold to Higher Education, K12, Corporate and Government entities over the past decade. 

In her previous role, Carli served as VP of Sales for Pronto, an early stage SaaS startup dedicated to improving communication and collaboration for teams and classrooms. Carli’s work experience also includes over seven years with Instructure, Inc., a global educational technology provider. Carli is deeply passionate about helping disadvantaged groups of people through education and development, and acts as a mentor for young professionals through her affiliations with Utah Women in Sales and Girls Who Code.

Mission, culture and team. To quote Mark Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Early in my career, I discovered my passion for helping disadvantaged groups of people actualize their potential through education and technology. I fell in love with PAIRIN's unique technology and approach - focusing on the whole person, their potential and the unification of personal and professional growth. The team at PAIRIN is smart, authentic, passionate and relentless in their mission to change the world. Truly the dream team and the dream job, where I'll never "work" a day moving forward.

Your greatest teacher:
My dad. While I've had a multitude of incredible teachers throughout my life, their teachings wouldn't have been impactful if it weren't for the foundation of curiosity my dad instilled in me. He was, and still is, always quick to answer my questions with more questions, and created an insatiable inquisitiveness for all things. His unwavering support has allowed me to carve my own path, as he was always insistent that life doesn't need to look a certain way. Love you, Dad!!

Things you love:
Yummy food, cocktails, coffee, travel, new people and experiences, sci-fi novels, snowboarding, boating, dancing, politics and behavioral psychology (to name a few!).