Brian Castle

Staff Software Engineer

Brian thrives on asking questions, solving problems with technology and mentoring others. He is a driven software engineer and technical team leader with more than 20 years of deep experience in both consumer and enterprise software and in early- and growth-stage startups. In the past 13 years of working remotely, he has collaborated with many incredibly bright, fun, and interesting people from all over the globe. His strengths in communication and relating to others have played a large part in the success of those teams.

Why PAIRIN? The mission. The people. The passion and genuine respect for both.

Who/What has been your greatest teacher? My wife, Heather. Too many great teachers to mention by name: parents, peers, family, friends, failure, Yoda, ... the list goes on. Heather constantly surprises me with how much she can challenge me and what I think I know.

Things you love: My Heather. Friends and Family. Animals. Traveling: Seeing the world and experiencing new places and cultures. Music: all kinds, live concerts, playing guitar. Beer: Porters and Stouts, and brewing. Creating solutions using technology.