Brett Shinnebarger

Senior Software Engineer

Brett began coding at age 17 for an aerospace company, started at his first hedge fund at age 19, then worked at the biggest fund in the world in NYC at age 21. He also worked in London, building an algorithmic trading fund from the ground up, and currently has his own consulting company, helping small to medium companies with big data needs architect cloud solutions for organizing, managing and analyzing their data.

Why PAIRIN? I enjoy working on complicated problems with intelligent people

Who/ What has been your greatest teacher? Managing money in the markets. It's a complicated puzzle with a large amount of variables and an ever-changing landscape with a wide variety of players and motivations. You have to learn about psychology, economics, risk management, history, politics and coding to start to build a holistic picture. History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. Just when you think you have things figured out, it'll serve you up another slice of humble pie

Things you love: Lots of things that fall under the category of "making stuff" (e.g. coding, cooking, home brewing). Also macroeconomics, travel, sailing, biking and gaming.