Andrew Perez

Software Engineer

Andrew has been in software development for 5+ years and has worked in several industries including Geospatial and the Cryptocurrency space. His love for coding and technology has allowed him to keep pace with the latest and greatest in web and software engineering.

Why PAIRIN? Working at PAIRIN gives me the ability to do what I love while also being a part of an organization that has a lasting impact. Working alongside others who share the same ideals makes a great team even better.

Greatest Teacher: The Process of Origination. I have always found the most effective teacher to be the process of making something new. Very quickly you learn what your own strengths and weaknesses are when left to create something truly original as it is a reflection of yourself.

Things I Love: My wife and beautiful baby daughter, traveling, metal shows, writing/recording music, drawing, collecting vinyl, and zooming around downtown on a OneWheel listening to metal.